“For the future, the arts have numerous blessings...the search for expressive liberty and freedom of thought among them ...." Richard Ozanne


Established in 2001, Richard Ozanne has an impressive collection of fine art, masterpieces, and modern art. Originally the gallery catered to high-end collectors from around the country; however, over the last five plus years we've branched out - embracing art lovers and artists from across the spectrum. We're as much of a vehicle for exposing new artists and art education as we are a gallery.

With three separate showrooms and an artist's loft, we not only host exhibits and artist showcases, we open the gallery for classes and art history talks. We've been known to even invite artists to use the loft and work. Here, we're all about celebrating art and artistry.

Artist Interests and Influences:

International: Fayum -Egyptian-Portraits

Indiginous, primitive and native arts of the world. 

  • Indonesia, Burma, Borneo, Asian, Tibetan.
  • Chinese brush painting, "The book of Mustard Seed" watercolor. 


Pieter Breugal, Bosch, Lucas Cranach- Ancient.



Francesco Goya

Salvador Rosa

Eugene Delecroix

Richard Ozanne, born in St. Louis Mo. 1959 has exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, New Zealand, Japan and Korea. His work meshes the old and new, the classical and modern from a family history that has expressed itself for almost 200 years in the field of the arts. Ozanne studied art from an early age at Chautauqua NY under Revington Arthur, a well-known artist, a student of Arshile Gorky and George Lucs .  Continuing his artistic search he received his BFA degree in 82 and continued on to graduate school and study at the famous Art Students League of New York via private scholarship and attended graduate school at Columbia University under Leon Goldin towards his masters. He earned his MFA degree in 1992 and continued on to Europe with a specialty in mind for teaching, working on a Ph.D. (Doctorate of Arts and Humanities) and teaching at Charles University Prague 1997-2003 as well as opening his studio for private students.  His residence in Czech Republic  from 1995-2003 provided several tours of Europe for exploration and exhibitions. In 2004 he took up residence in Torino Italy and the city of Venaria Reale where he continued his exhibits, taught and maintained a studio. 

Mr Ozanne has traveled the world with his artwork exploring different cultures and artistic exploration. His work has taken him to Europe: France, Spain, England, Germany, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Lapland, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Yugoslavia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine--Middle and Far East: Iran, Afganistan, Pakistan, India (Kashmir-Andaman Islands etc. ) Butan, Sikkim, Bangaldesh, Burma, Thailand, Korea, Malasyia, China, Tibet -(Lhasa-one of the first visiting artist from a foreign country after opening in 1985-Autonomous Region)-Singapore, Indonsesia, New Guinea, New Caledonia, New Britian, Australia, Fiji Tahiti and other places.