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Recognized as one of the finest contemporary art galleries in the area, Richard Ozanne showcases artistic works from masters and modern artists alike. You'll find works from acclaimed painters and sculptors right next to underground and local artists. Our idea is to provide a mixed and eclectic forum as the world of art is too diverse to simply showcase masterworks or pieces from famous painters of the past.

Exhibitions 2017

Barcelona Bienalle, Exhibition in memory of Francesco Goya, May 2017

Pisa Italy, Center Galileo Galileo Galilee, Feb 2017 (International Award Galileo Galilee-Richard Ozanne

Oscar Della Arte, Michelangelo Buanarotti-Ordine, Senato, Accademia Internazionalle Santarita, Turin Italy, 2006


Europa Prize for Art Piccalo Fromatto, Accademia Internazionalle Santa Rita, Turin Italy, 2005


Richard Ozanne is the Recipiant of many prestigious international awards in art and culture as an American Representitive

Awards, Mentions and Letters: USA, Italy, Europe- Showings, Collections International

Artist in Embassies Service, Dept of State USA, Since 1992